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Field Development & Production


At Protekz, we help our clients define the highest value field development option and carry out detailed well engineering design to deliver the selected concept.

At the project feasibility phase, we assist clients with identifying the best fit production or injection well option for the field. Once the preferred well option and field development strategy have been established, we work with reservoir, drilling and facilities engineers to deliver optimum well and completion designs.

Specific work packages we provide during field development include:

  • Conceptual Well Design
  • Drilling and Well Engineering
  • Well Completion Front End Engineering Design (FEED)
  • Well modeling
  • Sand management
  • Completion engineering and supervision.

These work packages can be delivered standalone or integrated as part of one field development work package

  • For projects in the conceptual design stage we assist clients with: Identification of potential well and well completion solutions
  • Analysis and ranking of the identified options, concepts or solutions
  • Accurate framing of the technical and business drivers and goals
  • Clear definition of the right well delivery project before capital is invested
  • Presentation of the strongest possible case for well investments

We do this in the shortest possible time with an open-mind and utilizing a structured approach and sound judgement to ensure a seamless fit with the overall field development plan.

Conceptual Design

We have offered innovative completion and production technology input into reservoir development opportunities, which includes promoting and evaluating the use of new technology to maximize well productivity and ultimate recovery, such as:

  • Alternate Path technology - for frac-packs completions in long intervals and high angle perforations.
  • Distributed Temperature System (DTS), Pressure Temperature gauges and Interval Control Valves (ICVs) - for SMART and intelligent Completions.
  • Formation Isolation Valves - for horizontal completions.
  • Expandable Sand Screen (ESS) completions - for horizontal completions.  
  • Annular barrier tools (ABT) e.g. Swell Packers - for horizontal completions.
  • Intervention-less technologies e.g. hydrostatic packers, TTFV, Mirage plug, etc - for very deep and extra-long ERD wells.
  • Double-Trigger perforation technology - for extra-long ERD wells.
  • Tubular with special metallurgies and special elastomers for packers, nipples, safety valves, etc - for highly contaminated wells, HPHT wells, MPMT wells, etc.
  • Well bore Assurance through innovative casing cleaning solution.

  • Casing Design
  • Hydraulic/torque/drag modelling
  • Mud design
  • Cementing
  • Wellbore stability management

Our full Well engineering and supervision package includes and not limited to the following services:

  • Project Management Services
  • Programming
  • Risk Assessments
  • Onsite Supervision
  • Project Cost Tracking
  • Post Job Reporting and close out
  • ITT and Tender Evaluation
  • etc

Good well design is vital to long-term production performance and operational flexibility. At the detailed engineering phase, once the preferred field development strategy and well concept have been established, we work with reservoir, drilling and facilities engineers to deliver optimum well and completion designs. The services we provide include provision of detailed lower and upper completion designs, materials selection and specification of well accessories.

We have provided complex well designs for a number of international operators. Our design experience include wells with complicated wellbore architecture e.g. long horizontal sections or multilaterals, challenging completion conditions (e.g. multi-layering, commingled flow and HPHT) and multiple functionality (e.g. injection and production, or alternating water and gas (WAG) injection).

Our ability to add value to the well design process for our clients is based on our: Well Completion FEED

  • Sound judgement of the latest and most appropriate well technology
  • In-depth understanding of well performance and reservoir behaviour
  • Experience in the use of the most advanced design tools.

Our value-adding approach has led to the simplification of well designs and also to inclusion of new or sophisticated equipment – e.g. distributed temperature system (DTS), permanent down hole gauges, interval control valves (ICVs) and/or annular barrier tools - to enable the active management of oil, gas and water influx throughout the life of the wells.

Our well completion expertise covers:

  • Sand control (Fracpack, Expandable sand screen, Open hole gravel pack, Stand alone completion, etc)
  • Hydraulic fracturing
  • HPHT/MPMT completion
  • Monobore completion
  • ERD completion
  • Complex well (Intelligent/Smart completion, Multilateral and Selective completions
  • Horizontal wells
  • Short radius wells
  • Artificial lift (e.g. gas lift, ESP completion, etc.)
  • Material selection for “Sweet” and “Sour” gas

Our independence from the major completion equipment vendors, but thorough understanding of what they offer, ensure our designs are driven exclusively by the specific technical and operational considerations that affect our clients. Protekz also provides detailed cost and time estimates and economic analysis to support its technical designs. The detailed engineering services we provide ranges from an individual well component through to entire portfolio of wells required for field development.

We also carry out production and injection modeling as part of our conceptual and detailed engineering activities or as input to our clients’ field development planning activities. We provide detailed inflow, outflow and tubing stresses modeling to support the decisions on well design. Our modeling ranges from single well to multi-well models that include surface infrastructure.

Protekz has extensive experience of predicting sand production risks, and delivering sand prevention and management strategies to mitigate these risks.

We have performed sand-failure analysis for all our major clients and helped them to

  • Establish the probability and severity of sand production
  • Define safe operating envelope to minimize sand production  risk
  • Develop sand control measures
  • Formulate long-term sand-management strategies
  • Establish sound operating procedures in compliance with safety  and regulations

At the execution phase, we provide ad-hoc completion engineering and supervision as and when required. We can also act as the operator’s completions department where there are limited internal resources or there is a desire for a different business model making this option attractive.

We have adequate arctic (temperate) climate and tropical climate experiences.

Our full completions engineering and supervision package includes and not limited to the following services:

ompletions Engineering & Supervision