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Production Optimisation


We regularly carry out projects to optimise oil and gas production from existing fields. Among our main objectives are to

  • Strike the best balance of production rate and long-term reserves recovery
  • Maintain well integrity in order to minimise HSE risks and increase well uptime
  • Identify and assess production enhancement opportunities
  • Control operating costs and make best use of capital investment
  • Manage maintenance cost-effectively

Given the volume of data generated by a typical oilfield operation, this work calls for a highly ordered approach. Managing the available information and related workflows effectively is fundamental to the ability to react to changing well conditions in real time.

We identify candidate wells for remedial work and help generate sustained production benefits.

Protekz helps operators review their well performance and identify opportunities for improvement. We also assist the operator to screen and select the most effective remedial measures. We do this by analysing individual well performance and benchmarking these against reservoir, well and facility expectation. In carrying out this analysis we look at a range of issues including, reservoir characteristics, inflow and outflow potential, operating envelope and well integrity, artificial lift system optimisation and flow assurance.

We provide a ranked list of production improvement initiatives on the sub-optimal wells to guide the Operator allocate resources where it provides the greatest return.

At Protekz, we take a highly structured approach to developing asset models to ensure they appropriately interface with existing production systems. We have experience of developing integrated production system models (PSM) for onshore and offshore assets. These typically combine individual well model to describe reservoir, well and processing facility performance and provide operators information to quickly make production-related decisions.

Our production system model provides a tool for Operators to carry out:

  • Short and long-term production forecasting
  • Identify production bottlenecks and scope for facility modifications
  • Production accounting and optimisation
  • Sequencing of maintenance activities for facilities and wells