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Please refer to our training brochure for the detailed outline of our courses.

Our “Well completion and Intervention School” has the following features:

  • A practical approach.
  • First of its kind in the industry.
  • It is delivered to trainees in 2 levels during 10 working days.
  • Teaching methods include presentations, videos, some exhibits (e.g. corroded and collapsed tubing, packers, safety valves, etc.)
  • This special course is loaded with practical examples and exercises. Trainees are followed up to ensure they can handle all the calculations, without stress.
  • It could be designed to meet the need of the clients on specific topics of interest.
  • In this course you will be given a field project to design. All the elements of the course will help you in your completion design. At the end of the course the teams formed in the class will present their completion designs to a 'management committee'.
  • Trainees could come with their own projects of interest which they could substitute for the class field project design work.
  • Graduates of the Completion and intervention school are ready to take responsibility in their various companies to work as a competent Well Completions and Intervention Engineer, straight away.
  • It is worth the investment: Excellent return to clients for money spent.

Download our Training Brochure here