Who We Are​

The Protekz Inc. team supports Canadian and International businesses in optimizing their oil, gas, and water wells so they can be more profitable. Our team consists of the most qualified and experienced oilfield professionals in the industry and we custom pick each individual for your project team so you get the right combination of professionals to maximize your results.

Our team consists of:


Our Mission is to provide well and production engineering consultancy and training services to Canadian and international clients by taking full advantage of the industry knowledge gaps and capacity for specialized studies, tests, and research.


Our Vision is to be the industry world leader in the provision of well and production engineering consultancy and specialized training.

Protekz Experience

Our team has worked for a wide range of oil and gas companies and projects. Our Founder, Mike Etuhoko has over 30 years of experience personally working for companies including BG, Shell, Total, KNOC, KPO, Chevron, ENI, Lukeoil and CNOOC, and Husky. 

The Protekz team has an expansive breadth of experience including:

  • HPHT completion: Design, Planning & Supervision
  • Well Integrity Management System 
  • Deepwater Completion & Testing: Design, Planning & Supervision 
  • Sub-sea Workover Projects 
  • Workover & Recompletion Projects 
  • Monobore Completion & Intervention-less technologies completion deployment
  • Sand face completions design (Frac-pack, ESS, SAS…) & planning 
  • ERD completion design, operations planning & supervision
  • Water shut-off operations
  • Surface casing vent flow and gas migration intervention & well abandonment
  • Well Surveillance, Performance Analysis and Production Optimization for major fields onshore, swamp & offshore Niger Delta 
  • Nodal Analysis and Network Modeling of production and water injection systems using PROSPER/MBAL/GAP and/or similar software 
  • ESP Completion & Workover 
  • Completions of infill & short radius wells 
  • Sand clean-out & re-completion with Expandable Sand Screen 
  • Design, programming & supervision of complex wells completion
  • Intelligent completion deployment using Fibre optics DTS, PT Gauges,…
  • Subsea / Deepwater exploration sand control & DST 
  • Carbonate & Sandstone reservoir stimulation design and field implementation 
  • Field Re-development: Smart Completion
  • Field Re-development: Gas Field with oil rim
  • Sand Management Planning
  • Drawdown Management
  • Flow Assurance Modeling for deepwater wells for hydrates, wax, asphaltene & scaling tendencies 
  • Annuli Fluid Expansion & Wellhead Movement Analysis using Wellcat software

Professional Approach/ Our Strategy

We know how engineering projects often go over time and over budget. We’ve seen how costly unnecessary project delays can be. That’s why the Protekz philosophy is to deliver on time and within budget with engineering excellence and a high level of professionalism. We operate ethically and with integrity to develop optimum, profitable solutions that conform to the highest possible health, safety, and environmental standards. ​

To achieve this, the Protekz team is dedicated to:

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    The Protekz Inc. team supports Canadian and International businesses in optimizing their oil, gas, and water wells so they can be more profitable.

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